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We are definitely confident in our strength in technological innovation and quality improvement that we have developed through our experiences and achievements over the years.
Plywood Machine Department Woodworking Machine Department
Plywood Machine Department

Today, plywood is ubiquitous and closely related to our daily lives. Since its foundation,
Taihei Machinery Works has manufactured any and all plywood manufacturing machines, leading the plywood machine industry. On the other hand, we have made it our business to provide consultants on plywood plant building and plant layout for automation and energy saving. As the only one plant builder in the world who can supply everything as far as it is concerned with plywood, our experiences and high technologies are highly evaluated throughout the world.

High Speed, High Precision knife grinding machine   Super Precision knife honing machine   Horizontal Press
Roll Jet Dryer   Green Veneer Moisture Equalizing Press “DaSuLer”    
Woodworking Machine Department
Our woodworking machines and chip making machines turned out by utilizing our traditionally-based prominent technologies have made our position permanent in the wood product processing industry, including bonded wood, woodworking, furniture, fittings, floors and chips. So much so that, they say, “When it comes to the performance of woodworking machines, Taihei’s machines are number one.” Our nationwide after-sake service network developed over the years is also a powerful supporter for Taihei’s woodworking machines. Today, our woodworking machines and chip making machines are unsurpassed.
■Wood working machine
■Chip making machine
 Finger Jointing System    Chipper
 6-axis Shuklesser    Mighty Chipper
 Gang Ripper    Veneer Chipper
 Molder    Underfeed Chipper
 Rapier 650    Roller Screen
 Rapier 1250    Shaving Machine
 Automatic Single-side Planner    Conveyor System
 Automatic Double-side Planner    
 Automatic Triple-side Planner    
 Automatic Quadruple-side Planner